My Main Hustle

About My Main Hustle and Career Transitions

Who is Career Transitions?

We are a custom recruiting and career management services firm. Since 1987 we have placed thousands of job seekers into new roles and continue to work for outstanding US based companies.

Does your service cost the job seeker?

No. And it never will. Our services are paid by employers – not job seekers.

I just applied for a job. Where did my information go?

When you apply online, your information circles the World Wide Web and is forwarded to the recruiter handling that position.

I just applied for a job. What happens next?

If you are a close match, the recruiter handling that position contacts you to discuss the job and employer in detail, and then starts working to schedule you for interviews.

I can’t find any jobs that meet my criteria. What do I do?

First, sign up for job notifications on our website. You’ll automatically be notified of jobs that match your search. Next, bookmark our site and come back regularly – we update it in real time.

How do I cancel my account?

Email request to recruiting@careertransllc.com and you shall be removed.

How do I update my resume or change my email address/password?

Click ‘Submit Resume’ and attach your updated resume.

Will you help me get the highest possible salary?

Yes. We strive to deliver market compensation rates that align with your exectations.

Who has access to my information?
Do you sell access to your database to other companies?

Never. See website terms.

I’m a PERFECT FIT for this job. What else can I do?

First, confirm that you:
A) meet ALL the listed skills, experience and educational requirements
B) are 100% interested in job duties and responsibilities
C) are completely comfortable with the listed salary range
D) are fully aware of the job location and prepared to relocate (if necessary) to accept the position

Then take a few minutes to go LINE BY LINE through the job requirements, explaining in RED the details of how your background and experiences meet them.

Feel free include any additional information that you feel will further explain your qualifications for this job.

Email your line-by-line comments and your Word format resume to recruiting@careertransllc.com. Be sure to reference the “Job title and ID #” in the subject line of the email.

We will contact the recruiter to share your detailed responses and encourage them to contact you directly.

Our goal is to help you get interviews. If you’re a “perfect fit” this method is sure to get your application noticed.

What is Career Management and Outplacement?

These services are paid by employers. Packages can be part of your severance offering.

  • Career Management evaluates performance and career potential. We offer guidance on career decisions and career path.
  • Outplacement is a custom service for terminated employees. A few of the services may include one-to-one coaching, resume development, interview skill building, and compensation negotiations. Each plan is customized. Contact your employer to discuss this service.